2012 Carole Simpson Scholarship Winner - Dakarai Turner

Dec. 10, 2012: "The Carole Simpson Scholarship" - Carole Simpson is a former member of the Radio Television Digital News Foundation Board of Trustees. She established the Carole Simpson Scholarship to encourage and help minority students overcome hurdles along their career path. Carole Simpson Scholarship winners are working as reporters, producers and anchors in television and radio stations across the country.
2012 Carole Simpson Scholarship Winner - Dakarai Turner

Dakarai is an undergraduate student majoring in broadcast journalism at DePaul University in Chicago. He’s gained immeasurable experience interning at WMAQ, NBC 5 Chicago and WFLD, FOX 32 News. His passion and desire to learn anything and everything about TV news and the world and people around him, whether it be in the classroom or reporting in the field, pushes him higher and further every day. Dakarai’s passionate about international and U.S. current events, news and politics. He reaches every day to achieve his dreams of serving the eventual community in which he works and in his hometown Seattle while working at a top news network.

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"To me, this scholarship is more than the honor. I pay my own way through school, and sometimes the bills and financial uncertainties associated with being a “struggling college student” can be overwhelming. I’ve always worked to make sure that bills are paid, books are bought and there’s food in the refrigerator – sometimes even multiple jobs over 40 hours per week while taking full time classes. Sometimes, though, things are tough. Bills may be paid, but sometimes the food may not be bought because of it. This money will go a long way in helping me to pay for everything that I need to, enabling me to focus even more on school and continuing to reach harder and further for my dreams. Besides that, receiving a scholarship named in honor of Carole Simpson, a pioneer in the very news business I hope to occupy – as an African-American – makes it that much more important. I am honored to be named the 2012 recipient for the Radio Television Digital News Foundation Carole Simpson Scholarship. To the Board of Directors, president and Ms. Simpson herself, thank you very much for honoring me with this prestigious award."