Ed Talks: Great audio tracks on the road

March 10, 2016 01:30

Whether you're putting together a story for radio, television or the web, you want your audio track to be sharp and clear. It's one thing to make it sound good in a foam-lined studio or audio booth, but quite another to do it when you're trying to file your story from a remote location.

ABC News Radio's Alex Stone spends a big part of his working life on the road, far away from studios with perfect acoustics. So how does he make his audio tracks sound great? In this month's edition of Ed Talks, he'll show us a couple of tricks of the trade you can start using today to avoid noise and echoes, and give your voice a studio-quality sound in some unlikely places.

Each edition of Ed Talks offers quick and easy training resources that give you practical advice you can fit into your busy schedule. Each video is brief and tightly focused on a single, actionable skill or technique that you can put to immediate use. The first installment of Ed Talks, featured KARE-TV reporter Boyd Huppert's excellent tip for using the "handshake shot" to draw viewers into a video story. The next piece came from SFGate's Brandon Mercer, who explained a couple of quick and easy ways to fix or improve a Facebook post without having to delete the original post and start over.

Soon, Ed Talks will become another exclusive benefit of RTDNA membership, but for now, we're making this valuable content available to everyone. As always, we welcome your feedback and hope you find this new offering helpful in your work. For previous videos, visit our Ed Talks page.