Ed Talks: Two Facebook tricks that will blow your mind

February 10, 2016 11:00

By Brandon Mercer, RTDNA Region 2 Director

The first installment of Ed Talks, featuring Boyd Huppert's excellent tip for using the "handshake shot" to draw viewers into a video story was a big hit, so we're ready to bring you our next edition.

This time, we're focusing on the digital side of things, with two Facebook tricks that will make a difference for you right away. In keeping with the format of Ed Talks, we're offering quick and easy training resources that give you practical advice you can fit into your busy schedule. Each video is brief and tightly focused on a single, actionable skill or technique that you can put to immediate use.

Facebook is constantly changing, and I’m always surprised by how many media organizations aren’t aware of how they can fix or improve a post to Facebook, even after it’s been shared 10,000 times.
I did a very short demonstration of this for ONA in the fall, and was swamped with requests about how it works, so I created this more in-depth tutorial for RTDNA’s Ed Talks to help everyone get the most out of what they post to Facebook, and of course, fix mistakes, or update their stories without having to delete a post that’s already getting traffic.

Later this year, Ed Talks will become another exclusive benefit of RTDNA membership, but for now, we're making this valuable content available to everyone. As always, we welcome your feedback and hope you find this new offering helpful in your work. For previous videos, visit our Ed Talks page.


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