EIJ16 session: Top multimedia and mobile tools

September 18, 2016 02:30

By Rafael Lopez, RTDNA News

Today’s journalists have a wide range of multimedia and mobile tools at their disposal that can help them tell a story in a compelling and exciting way. However, the challenge is knowing which tools are worthwhile, and how to use them.

Mike Reilley, founder of SPJ’s Journalist’s Toolbox, introduced attendees to ten easy-to-use online tools and platforms that can enhance their storytelling abilities. Here are just a few he mentioned:

Storyline By Arcivr: The free app allows you to narrate and share slideshows from a mobile device in seconds. The biggest downside, Reilley says, “ is you cannot edit the video that was already shot.”

TapeAcall: Record free phone calls using the app. However you have to pay for storage. Reilley adds, “The app has a built-in notification that call is being recorded.”

Periscope: Livestream video from an event you want to cover. It can be shared on social media.

JamSnap: You can layer audio over photos and record audio directly on a mobile device and then share it on social media. (Temporarily out of the app store to fix minor issues)

Bubbli app: Create “photo bubbles” on a cellphone, share over social media and embed in a story.

Ripl: Layer animated text over photos and graphics.

Fyuse 3-D: You can shoot 3-D photos, hold record button, move around stable object.

Google Translate: The new and improved Google translate now offers live translating. It instantly translates words and language on your phone into your choice of 104 languages.

Reilley concluded the workshop by saying that apps have become much more user-friendly, but you still should spend some time familiarizing yourself with an app's features before taking it out in the field.