Money Matters: Easy steps to winterize your home

December 23, 2016 01:30

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Winter has already showed up in some parts of the country and is soon to arrive elsewhere. You'll be saving money on your air conditioning bill for a few months, but your heating costs will be higher. To help keep those costs under control, it may be helpful to do an energy audit of your home to identify areas where you could be saving money. Even some simple steps can result in big savings over time.

As US News Money outlines, there are several places to look: Checking weatherstripping around doors and windows for wear, cleaning air ducts and baseboard heaters, reversing the direction on ceiling fans, sealing unused rooms and using programmable thermostats all could help save money. Your power company may offer free energy audits, and you may qualify for weatherization assistance to make upgrades and repairs.
To help your viewers/readers/listeners learn more about how to keep their heating costs under control, talk with your local power company. They may be able to provide an expert to walk through a home, give your audience tips on what to look for and demonstrate energy-saving ideas hands-on.

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