Money Matters: Save money at the gas pump

December 29, 2017 01:30

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With millions of Americans traveling during the holiday season, gas prices are something many people consider as they spend money going over the river and through the woods. Gas prices are at moderately stable levels as the hurricane season winds down and refineries are producing winter formulations for consumers. And even though a difference of a few cents won't make or break most people's decision to travel, you can save money along the way.

As Consumer Reports explains, there are several smartphone apps that allow you to compare gas prices in your area. One or two retailers may have a lower price, and stations within close proximity may keep prices lower for competitive reasons. If you're traveling through more than one state, it may be worth filling up on one side of the border or the other, depending on the gas taxes in those states. You can also save money on each gallon by using gas station credit cards with rewards programs.
To help your readers/listeners/viewers learn more about gas prices and ways to save, talk with your state's Better Business Bureau or Senior Federation. Both will have information about gas prices and programs to save money at the pump. And one more insider tip: For a longer-term look at gas price trends, check out the Lundberg Survey.

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