Money Matters story idea: Are you saving enough for retirement?

February 15, 2013 01:30

Motivating yourself to save more for retirement isn't easy, but doing the math can help show the importance of planning. What sources of income will you have during retirement? The age to collect full benefits from Social Security keeps going up. Fewer companies offer traditional pension plans that provide consistent income. Investment returns on 401k and IRA plans have been modest at best.

And then there are expenses. Inflation has been slow in recent years but prices for everything from cars to utilities and travel to food will continue to go up. The cost of health insurance will continue to rise as you age, and your health care expenses will grow.

Trying to consider all of the possibilties can be overwhelming, but there are tools to help. Point your viewers, listeners and readers to the many options online to calculate how much they'll need to save to ensure a particular level of income in the future.

CNN Money has links to several sites to get you started.