Murrow Mondays: KFDI wins for breaking weather story

October 3, 2016 01:30

On Mondays leading up to this year's Edward R. Murrow Awards Gala on October 10, we'll be highlighting some of our National Edward R. Murrow Award winners.

Organization: KFDI-FM
Winning Piece: Thunderstorm Becomes Tornadic
Category: Small Market Radio - Breaking News
Twitter: @kfdinews

Is this your station’s first National Edward R. Murrow Award?
No, we have been very fortunate. I believe this is our twelfth National Murrow Award since 2000. However, it is our first since 2008.

Please provide a short description of what your winning entry was about.
We were on-air giving information about a severe thunderstorm.  During that weather update we received notice from the National Weather Service that the storm had produced a tornado.  We had our reporters and storm spotters deployed, so when this became a tornado event we were able to transition into continuous coverage.  The entry included the KFDI personality in the main studio, our anchor in the newsroom, a reporter from the storm desk and reports from KFDI mobile units and listeners.

What were some of the challenges you or your news team faced while reporting and producing this piece?
We are experienced at reporting severe weather.  The challenge is always geographic. Are you in position to report first hand? In this instance we had listeners calling the on-air studio with eyes on the storm. We also had a reporter in position. Because of this we were able to provide quality tracking of the storm.

Did you receive a lot of audience feedback from this piece?  If so, what was the general reaction?
We transition into continuous coverage whenever severe weather threatens our area. Our audience expects us to provide information to keep them safe and from driving into bad weather. The reaction from the community is always one of appreciation. Very few stations, regardless of market size, have the resources to provide the kind of coverage we do.

What does winning a national Edward R. Murrow Award mean to you and your station/group?
It is an immense honor.  We want to be famous for localism. This affirmation of our work helps drive us forward. It is rewarding to know that others outside our market recognize the quality of our efforts. Scripps Media is a journalism company at its core. We're happy to help support that legacy in Wichita.