NPPA Criticizes Doctored Photo of Lawmakers

January 7, 2013 01:30

The National Press Photographers Association is criticizing a doctored photo of female members of the new Congress.

In a statement, the NPPA says the photo is, "another recent example of why handout photos are often not a fair and accurate substitute for true, open, and independent media coverage. Elected officials are using Flickr and other social media sites more often in order to circumvent the watchful eye of the independent news media, which continues to be a very disturbing trend. The ‘doctored’ photo is not a true representation of the moment, which calls into question the integrity of photos released by the government."

The statement goes on to recommend media outlets use the unaltered photo with the missing members. Read the
full statement here. has reported on the photo, reactions to its distribution and the Minority Leader's rebuttal.