Pre-conference workshops announced for EIJ13

May 9, 2013 01:30

Five pre-conference workshops have been annouced for Excellence in Journalism 2013, and there's something for everyone. The sessions will be held on Saturday, August 24th before the opening business meetings and kickoff super session at the conference. Registration is required in advance, an additional fee may apply and space is limited. Here is a brief summary of the workshops:

News Directors Bootcamp
The role of a television news leader has always been a challenging one. But over the past few years, budget cuts, staff reductions and multiple platforms have made the job even more stressful. Issues that will be tackled in this half-day session include: 1) Creating a culture that embraces change; 2) Leadership and ethics in a 24-hour, socially networked world. Note: This workshop is geared specifically toward news directors, assistant news directors and directors of digital content.

Nerd-Free Zone: Data Crunching and Visualization for Journalism and English Majors
Data analysis isn't just for the geeky "Web folks." No programming skills are needed these days to analyze basic data sets and display your findings in compelling online charts and maps. Learn how to unleash the power of data journalism with minimal technical and math skills. Find story ideas for any community based on demographic trends, crime, business patterns, school test scores and more.

The Business of Me
Whether you're working in a mainstream news organization or striking out on your own with a blog, news site or freelance business, we're all media entrepreneurs these days. In this three-hour workshop, learn how to brand and market yourself and to pitch your ideas, plus understand the basics of financial and time management.

Dump the Inverted Pyramid: Narrative Storytelling for All Beats
The best journalists present stories that command and hold the audience's attention, reaching people on an emotional level. Now, here's your chance to step out of the inverted pyramid, just-the-facts model that drives so much of daily reporting and into the world of narrative storytelling. You'll learn what narrative writing is and how to do it well. You'll discover how to choose a story that's ripe for a narrative approach, and how to get it done on deadline.

Buen Uso del Español
Note: This workshop will be presented in Spanish.
Spelling errors, anglicisms and Spanglish are some of the topics to be discussed and analyzed in this workshop focused on improving grammar in Spanish journalism in the United States. Presenters will review the different style guides available and analyze which are the most effective, the most used and the reason for their popularity.

For complete details about the pre-conference sessions and the rest of the schedule, check out the Excellence in Journalism 2013 website and sign up!

Don't forget, if you register before July 25, there are significant early bird discounts, and RTDNA members get a price break as well. Your RTDNA membership will more than pay for the registration discount, and membership rates discounted 20 percent in May, so it's worth your while to join or renew today.