RTDNF gives big on Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2017 07:00

RTDNF Paid it Forward in 2017:

Sent 26 RIAS Fellows on trips to Germany to become better international journalists.

Awarded more than $30,000 to 12 outstanding young journalists.

Invited 12 aspiring journalists to learn & network at RTDNA’s conference.

Trained countless journalists in First Amendment rights & ethical reporting.
Giving Tuesday marks the start of the holiday charitable season. RTDNF launches the giving season by awarding more than $30,000 in scholarships and fellowships to 12 new and aspiring journalists – just one way we’re committed to the future of a free press.

This year’s scholarship class includes recipients who are fluent in French and Spanish. Children of single-parent households and children of immigrants. Seven are women of color.

From the military to agriculture, race, sports, disability, and international relations, they’ve covered stories usually untold.  From the Congo to Ecuador to their own hometowns, they’ve been reporting with compassion.

They excel at writing, coding, data visualization, audio, and multimedia journalism.

They represent the best of journalism’s future in a troubled time.

Without them – without a free press – our very freedom fails.

At RTDNF, we’re supporting the future of a free press every way we can, as we have since awarding our first scholarship in 1970.

But more than $1 million later, more than 500 journalism careers launched, we know it’s not enough.

We don’t know what threats press freedom will face in the years to come and so we’re doing even more to ensure newsrooms are prepared and protected.

In the coming year, we’ll be working harder than ever to support and honor responsible journalism by expanding training opportunities, updating existing resources, and setting aside funding to address future challenges.

Friends of the First Amendment can be part of the solution to “fake news” and attacks on journalism by contributing to RTDNF, giving to the RTDNF RIAS German/American exchange program, or funding the RTDNF Endowment.

RTDNF is proud to build a bright future for news by giving to outstanding, committed journalists. With your help, we’ll do even more.

Thank you to all the friends of the First Amendment who have contributed to supporting responsible journalism so far this year, with special thanks to the 15 members of the Oldfield Founders Circle, which closes at the end of this year.