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December 9, 2014 11:00

John Ketchum is currently an assistant producer/editor for NPR’s Morning Edition.  After interning at NPR headquarters in Washington, DC, on the Tell Me More with Michael Martin show, John worked as a reporter for 4 years at WCMU public radio in Michigan. Most recently, he was an assistant producer on American Public Media’s Marketplace, covering wealth and poverty in America. John was awarded the Ed Bradley Scholarship in 2009 while studying at Central Michigan University.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

During my junior year in college I was awarded the Ed Bradley scholarship. I was in the chair at the dentist’s office when I got the call. “Oh my God I can’t believe this!” I yelled.   Being honest, at the time I was mostly excited about the money.  I had no idea how one phone call would change my entire life.

While the money is great, the real benefit of the scholarships is going to the RTDNA/F conference for a week. As a scholarship winner all eyes are on you. You have one-on-one time with the recruiters/hiring managers that every other student there fights tooth and nail to see. During the convention I met people who have helped me get jobs and internships. That scholarship money seems small now when I realize what it led to.

This is why I am always encouraging students to apply. Everyone in my scholarship group currently has full time jobs in journalism. If you’re up to speed on the state of the media industry, you’ll know those are extremely hard to come by. You need to have the contacts and endorsements necessary to get there. Any RTDNF scholarship will give you the opportunity to obtain those things.  

I owe my career to this scholarship. If not for the money from RTDNF, I wouldn’t have been able to finish school. I rarely tell people this, but during my junior year of college I wasn’t sure whether or not I would return. The financial requirements for school outweighed the amount of money I had. RTDNF saw that need and stepped in.
One thing veterans in journalism don’t realize is that most students don’t even see getting a job in journalism as a possibility; which is why most change majors or go into other fields after obtaining a journalism degree. The RTDNF scholarship program showed me that success in this industry was possible. My hope is that it does the same for others.
To do your part to keep the best and brightest in our profession, please consider a contribution to RTDNF of $20, $40 or any amount that fits your budget. Your dollars will be put to use helping journalism students become the leaders of tomorrow.
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John Ketchum
National Public Radio
2009 Ed Bradley Scholarship Winner

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