Tips for a better resume reel

March 22, 2017 01:30

By Karen Hansen, RTDNA
It’s spring, which means graduations and job hunting! Breaking into broadcast journalism can be tough, and you don’t have long to make a great impression on a news director. You know you need to get your resume reel into the small stack, but how?
Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting together packages for your demo reel.
1)   Don’t bury your lede
First impressions are the most lasting, and you only have 5 to 10 seconds to hook a hiring manager into watching more of your demo reel. Don’t save the best for last. Put your best content up front.
2)   Highlight your best reporting
Remember, you’re applying to be a journalist, so your reporting and writing matters as much as your delivery. Pick interesting pieces that showcase your ability to find and report unique angles and stories.
3)   Showcase who you are
Learn from your favorite on-air personalities, but don’t just copy their performances. Develop your own authentic style and voice. Show hiring managers what you bring to each story.
4)   Be energetic
Pretend you’re telling an exciting story to a family member. Pump up the energy, and pay attention to your pace within each shot.
5)   Be thoughtful
Good standups are about more than not flubbing your words. Each shot should be well-planned. Think about your movement and keeping viewers visually engaged with each setting.
6)   Dress the part
Considering what you’re wearing sounds small, but it’s an easy detail to overlook. Minimize distractions by wearing bright, solid colors. Avoid loud patterns to keep the focus on your story, not you.
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