Welcome to the New RTDNA.org!

November 2, 2012 01:30

By Mike Cavender, Executive Director

I’ve heard that conceiving and delivering a new website is similar to birthing a baby!  With all deference to mothers everywhere, it’s not exactly the same—but it takes just about as long!

With that, the NEW rtdna.org is here and we’re about as proud as any new parents could be!

Ryan Murphy, RTDNA’s Communications, Marketing and Digital Media Manager is the mother and the father of this site (yes, that’s possible with digital technology) and it’s through his months of perseverance and creativity, along with a great team, that we’re able to roll it out to you today.

The site, based on contemporary WordPress architecture (and delivered through our friends at Willetts Support) accomplishes all the major goals we had when we set out to redesign our previous site, which was beginning to show its age. We wanted an rtdna.org which:

•    Is more easily navigable and organized and where you can find the content you want with one or two clicks, not 4 or 5 (or more.)

•    Better showcases our constantly changing original editorial content—long a hallmark of rtdna.org

•    Provides a seamless link to our Membership Portal and its tools, as well as our Online Events pages—allowing you to buy a dinner ticket or enter the Murrow Awards, all within the same site.

Navigation throughout the site is much more clear and intuitive and we’ve put a special organizational and placement emphasis on the topics that our metrics show is of most interest to you.  And speaking of metrics:  rtdna.org, along with our Daily and Weekly Communicator e-newsletters continue to grow in readership.  Our site alone averages some 22,000 absolute unique visitors every month.

We believe that’s largely because of our emphasis on original content.   Regular writers like myself, our officers and directors, bloggers and up-to-the-minute legal briefings from our First Amendment counsel, Kathy Kirby all combine to keep the site and our newsletters fresh and relevant to you and provide tips, tools and thoughts that help you do your job better.

But any site or publication can always improve—and one way we can do it is to publish more articles and blogs written by YOU!  We’re always looking for contributions—whether regular or  just once in a while.  Because you, our members who work on the front lines in electronic journalism, have great experiences and ideas to share with your colleagues.   And we want to help you share them.  

If you want to contribute, please query our editor, Ryan Murphy at ryanm@rtdna.org or myself at mikec@rtdna.org  and we’ll help you make it happen.  

We also want your reactions and thoughts on the new site; what you like, what don’t you like and how can we make it even better for you.   Share those with us on this site or by email to me or Ryan.  

Meanwhile, take some time and surf around the new rtdna.org.   We think you’ll like what you see.