What we learned in 2017

January 1, 2018 11:00

As we enter 2018, here's a look back at the articles you found most helpful on RTDNA.org in 2017. 

10) Not all media are the same
One journalist is tired of "the media" being lumped - and judged - together.
9) Newsroom depression: one news director's story
A personal story showed how newsrooms have a long way to go to address mental well-being.
8) The press release problem
When spokespeople and reporters don't have the best of relationships, the public loses. 
7) It's time for a fresh start for White House-media relations
The fresh start we hoped for has had mixed results, and there's much more to be done in 2018.
6) 9 ways to get your resume reel into the small stack
What are hiring managers really looking for?
5) White House crossed the line promoting questionable video
Just one week after we called for a "fresh start," the White House pushed its "fake news" line.

4) RTDNA Research: 2017 Salary survey
TV and radio salaries grew a bit in 2017.
3) RTDNA Regional & National Murrow Award winners
Responsible journalism may be under increasing attack, but more than 750 examples of Murrow-winning work show that journalists continue to do great work every day.
2) U.S. Capitol Police order journalists to delete photos, videos
In the July incident, reporters covering protests outside the Senate chamber were told the area was a "crime scene."
1) Walmart pulls threatening shirt at RTDNA's urging
Third-party sellers had advertised merchandise reading "Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED."

We'll be back tomorrow, January 2nd, with fresh lessons for your newsroom for 2018 on trends, tech, trust, transparency and more. Happy New Year! 


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