13 American journalists tour Germany, Brussels on RIAS exchange program

13 American journalists tour Germany, Brussels on RIAS exchange program
Thirteen American journalists from 10 different states are visiting four European cities for briefings, interviews and talks with movers and shakers in the fields of politics, media, sports and the arts during a two-week RIAS Berlin Commission fellowship. The Americans are meeting with station managers, reporters, producers, executives and anchors at German TV networks in Cologne, Mainz and Berlin during the whirlwind tour of important broadcast and political centers in Germany. They have also met with senior officials from NATO and the European Union in Brussels to learn more about how those two institutions work and what challenges they face before taking high-speed trains to Cologne, Mainz and then Berlin.
The RIAS Berlin Commission fellows will spend their second week in Berlin meeting political leaders and other German journalists as well as a German-Iranian artist who helped create the famous East Side Gallery open-air art exhibit painted onto about a one-mile long stretch of the Berlin Wall just after it opened in November 1989.  They will also attend a Bundesliga soccer match in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and visit the former Stasi prison along with the Reichstag parliament building. Some will also be staying for a third week to do individual reporting or spending time visiting a German network on their “station week“.  
The U.S. broadcast journalists come from 10 different states – reporters, producers, anchors and digital specialists from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, New York and Washington DC.  They are part of a growing network of more than 1,600 German and U.S. journalists who have taken part in the no-strings-attached RIAS Berlin Commission fellowship programs that were inaugurated in 1992 after the Cold-War era radio and TV network in West Berlin known as “Radio in American Sector“ (RIAS) was switched off.
Here is a list of the U.S. fellows on the fall 2018 RIAS Berlin Commission Exchange Program:
  • Justin Campbell, WVLA TV, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Letese Clark, WTOP News Radio, Washington D.C.
  • Kane Farabaugh, Voice of America Midwest Correspondent
  • Andrew Lapin, Freelance NPR, Michigan
  • Carol McKinley, Freelance ABC, CBS, Littleton, Colorado
  • Bonnie North, WUWM Radio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Jessica Prater, CNN, New York
  • Gitzel Puente, KJRH, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Judth Snyderman, Washington DC
  • Sage Van Wing, Oregon Public Radio, Portland
  • Jordan Vesey, Union Docs Center for Documentary Arts, Brookyln, New York
  • Bryan Weakland, MSNBC, New York
  • Kenya Woodard, CTTV, Tampa, Florida

Since 1994, RTDNF has administered this media fellowship as part of its German/American Journalist Exchange Program with the RIAS. The next application deadline for the 2019 program in Europe is November 1, 2018. For information on the RTDNF Germany fellowship or the RIAS Awards program, contact Erik Kirschbaum at kirschbaum@riasberlin.org.
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About RIAS Berlin Kommission
The RIAS Berlin Kommission is a bi-national organization established in 1992 to promote understanding between the United States and Germany in the field of broadcasting.  Each exchange program is fully financed by the RIAS Berlin Kommission, a non-profit, non-governmental organization.


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