2012 TV and Radio News Staffing and Profitability Survey

The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that TV news staffing soared in 2011 - adding 1,131 jobs - to reach total full time employment of 27,653. That's a gain of 4.3% over last year and the highest average full time TV news staff ever. However, overall, it puts 2011 in second place for total TV news employment. First place is still held by year 2000. The average station newsroom employment then was lower than today, but more stations originated local news.

Part I: TV News Staffing Soars to 2nd Highest Level Ever with More Hiring Projected; Profitability Rises Again

Part II: A Record Amount of TV News...Again

Part III: TV News Business Isn't Limited to Just TV Anymore

Part IV: Web Continues to Mature for TV, Radio Stations; Web Profitability Reaches All-Time High for TV

Part V: Social Media Expands on TV and Radio

Part VI: TV & Radio News Salaries Barely Edge Up

Part VII: Percentage of Minorities Up for TV, Radio; Percentage of Women Stays the Same for TV, Up Noticeably for Radio




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