3 evergreen consumer story ideas

October 11, 2019 12:30

Even the most curious consumer reporters get stumped sometimes. When you're running short on ideas, we've got you covered.

Hit the lottery story jackpot
Anytime a lottery jackpot grows to a number that will have you dreaming of a newly luxurious lifestyle, it’s an opportunity for any number of lottery-focused story ideas, from the aspirational MOS to the hard-hitting investigation of state lottery finances.

5 products to be cautious of buying online
We buy everything online these days from cars to groceries. But there are risks to buying things sight-unseen. Even on reputable ecommerce websites, independent third party sellers aren’t always upfront with the fine print or deals are too good to be true. These are some of the riskiest.

Data breach basics
As more and more of our purchases and financial transactions move online, so does our personal data and risk for data breaches like the major Equifax breach in 2017. Consumer reporters should have some sources and tips ready to go as news of a new breach could break any time.

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