4 members share what you need to know about RTDNA

November 29, 2018 11:00

RTDNA was there for me

RTDNA was there when I first became a television news manager, and it was there when I made my first hire. It was there to train my reporters, and inspire my anchors, and fight for my rights to practice the craft that became my career of over two decades. 
It's not good enough to just benefit from the lobbying RTDNA did so you can fly drones, or have open courts. It's not good enough to just benefit from the training RTDNA provides newsrooms, or the ethics policies and coverage guidelines we created on the website.

Don't sit on the sidelines while our industry is under unprecedented attack.

Join the largest association of broadcast and digital professionals. 
– Brandon Mercer, Region 2 Director

We need to stick together

We need to be able to stick together...to empower each other...to guide each other...to check each other.
If we don't stick together and fight for our First Amendment rights and continue to educate each other about what those rights are and how to make sure we maintain those, then you're failing your community.
There's so many resources on RTDNA.org… If I need to provide a link to one of my reporters and producers to give them some guidance or some spark some ideas.
It’s also helpful to know that I can pick up the phone and call a fellow journalist. It’s just that camaraderie.
– Allison McGinley, Region 13 Director


RTDNA believes in protecting journalists like me

The training is superb. Journalists need to stay on top of their games, regardless of how long you’ve been doing it….If you’re a student, mid-career or a senior, grizzled veteran, you need to keep on top of the latest in thought, the latest in ethical guidelines.
Every single event I’ve attended…I’ve met someone who I’ve been able to help or conversely someone who’s been able to help me in my career.
This is what you need to know: We’re about learning. We’re about protecting journalists. 
RTDNA is an advocate for journalists.
That’s in a nutshell why I am a member: because the organization believes in protecting me as an individual and journalists around the country.
– Terence Shepherd, Chair-Elect


RTDNA understands broadcasting

I’ve always loved broadcasting and I really believe that some of the ways we do journalism for broadcast needs a different approach and RTDNA understands that and they thrive in that.
[During] Hurricane Florence they were sending out recommendations on how to keep your equipment safe, what things to pack, just they know what skills we need out in the field. They’re that cushion that is behind somebody and it’s so vital.
I think it’s very important for younger broadcasters to be a part of RTDNA….this business is changing rapidly and I think for people that really care about journalism and love doing it…they need to have a voice in how it’s being crafted.
– Brett Hall, WAVY TV 10, RTDNF Scholarship Winner