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A night beyond magical

October 20, 2015 01:30

By Kimberly Wyatt, RTDNA At Large Director

The members of RTDNA elected me as an at-large board member in September. With just weeks under my belt, I attended my first event as a board member: The prestigious 2015 Edward R. Murrow Awards Gala.
A week before the event, I raced to search for the perfect evening gown and earrings. Then I boarded a flight bound for New York City’s Gotham Hall. When I arrived at the venue I was greeted and escorted down a red carpet and a gentleman asked to take my photo. I obliged. Already, I felt like a hashtag rockstar! Seconds later, I was whisked away to learn where I’d be seated and then taken into Gotham Hall.

It was breathtaking.

Gotham Hall’s website describes it ‘where style meets sophistication’ but it was much more. As a journalist, my eyes scanned the entire room but quickly became fixated on Edward R. Murrow’s silhouette branded along the wall. That’s when I knew that as a journalist it is imperative we all continue to execute excellence no matter what level we are in our career.
I was in a beautiful room surrounded by amazing journalists. I felt at home!
Throughout the night award after award was given out. Finally, one gave me chills. A reporter dragged a brave mother and allowed her to share her story about her autistic son to the stage. The mother cried and hugged the presenter for nearly sixty seconds, which is a long time in the world of television.

It was yet another telling moment for me.

“The best television is now available for everyone in the world to see it," CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley said. Everyone in that room is a part of making that happen. Pelley smiled and said Murrow would be proud.
ABC’s World News Tonight Anchor David Muir ended the night with the final awards. He referred to himself as the ‘closer,’ but in my mind, they saved the best for last.
Once the night was over, I approached the mother of the autistic boy. I told her, “You are the reason why we [journalists] do what we do. You are the reason why journalists work long hours… it’s people like you.”
Telling great relevant stories stories is what journalists do! I was honored to be surrounded by some of the best journalists, leaders, corporations and foundations in the business.
My night was beyond magical. Once I took off my slippers, I was whisked off back to real life! That’s life in the WEAR/WFGX-TV newsroom.
My takeaway to all journalists and aspiring journalists is to always strive for greatness no matter what market you're in. Hard work and human stories are our aim. At the end of the day, whether you take home a prestigious award or if you're plugging away behind the scenes, the commitment to our craft is why we're blessed to call news our career.

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