Bradley Scholarship winner 2016

December 14, 2016 01:30

In 1994, RTDNF presented the first Ed Bradley Scholarship. Since then, 23 young and aspiring journalists have received the award created by the late CBS News and 60 Minutes correspondent. Ed Bradley received the Paul White Award from RTDNA in 2000. The Paul White Award recognizes an individual's lifetime commitment to excellence in journalism. Bradley received the First Amendment Award from RTDNF in 2005 in recognition of his support of the First Amendment rights guaranteed in the constitution.

2016 Ed Bradley Scholarship Winner - Shaynah Ferreira, Emerson College
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Shaynah Ferreira is a senior at Emerson College in Boston, MA, where she is studying journalism with a focus in broadcast. Shaynah is an EVVY award-winning reporter who can shoot, edit and produce her own work. She is a reporter for Emerson’s award-winning News Station WEBN News, in which she covers breaking news, politics and community issues in the Boston area. She served as an Associate Producer and Reporter for WEBN’s Oscars coverage in Los Angeles, and will serve as the Co-Executive Producer of the show for WEBN's 2017 Oscars Special. Shaynah interned for the CBS Evening News in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2015. While in D.C., she reported on the Pope’s First Visit to America, The 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, and D.C. security measures in response to The Paris Attacks. In the summer of 2016, Shaynah interned for WJAR-TV in Providence, RI where she was later hired. She currently works as a Weekend Associate Producer for Southern New England’s news leader. As a journalist, Shaynah takes pride in finding the heart of every story; which she always says is: "The people affected." Moreover, her passion has always been telling their story as she sheds light to the greater issues at hand that the public deserves to know. She practiced this first hand on her recent trip to the communist island of Cuba. It was there that Shaynah served as Co-Executive Producer of "Afro Cuba Libre"; a mini documentary on race relations in Cuba. Shaynah is also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists and RTDNA.  She currently serves as Co-Treasurer for Emerson's RTDNA chapter and as a student representative for The Southern New England Association of Black Journalists. Shaynah is multilingual; fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. She hopes to use her language skill to her advantage in the field of journalism. She is a Providence, Rhode Island native and her goal is to become a TV reporter upon her graduation from Emerson. Shaynah's ultimate goal is to become a national correspondent for a major news network.
"Receiving a scholarship in the name of one of the pioneers of American journalism is such an overwhelming honor. I am grateful to accept such an award from RTDNF and am excited to continue his legacy as a person of color in the field. I am committed to telling stories that matter to the public at large at the highest level of journalistic excellence. It is my goal to embody the highest level of professionalism and grace that Mr. Bradley had as I move forward in my career. I hope to one day etch my name into American journalism history, just as he has."

“I am very proud of Shaynah and everything has accomplished," said Marsha Della Guistina, RTDNA chapter and WEBN-TV Advisor at the Emerson College Department of Journalism. “Shaynah has been one of the most impressive students I have ever taught in my 40 years at Emerson College and I do not say that lightly. I have rarely met a student like Shaynah.  She embodies what the late Ed Bradley stands for as a journalist and a person.  She will make a great difference in our field.”

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