Fear will not silence facts

Journalists are under attack now more than ever in our modern history, facing verbal assault, death threats, physical violence, murder and terrorism.
As Executive Director Dan Shelley said Wednesday in an open letter, “Terrorist incidents such as those that have targeted journalists and others this week are inexcusable, reprehensible and, unfortunately, frightening.”
But journalism is worth the fear, because without it, we do a great injustice to democracy.
Seeking and reporting truth is a constitutionally-protected civic duty vital to the health of our democracy.
Fear will not lead us to forfeit our First Amendment freedoms.
Journalists will continue to pursue the truth at every turn, to amplify the voices of those unheard, to hold the powerful accountable with responsible, credible journalism
RTDNA will continue to stand in support of journalists everywhere, even in the face of fear, advocating for their safety and security, providing resources that allow them to produce ethical, credible journalism, and demanding that truth and facts are never silenced.
Fear will not silence facts. Stand up in the face of fear, and join us in support of journalism today.
Stand with us for journalism, for democracy, for facts.