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Fellows selected for RTDNF German/American exchange

March 2, 2016 11:00

RTDNF has selected 12 producers, reporters and online editors from across the country to become fellows in Europe this June as part of our ongoing partnership with the RIAS Berlin Kommission. 2016 represents the 23rd year in the partnership between the RTDNF and RIAS, which has brought more than 635 electronic journalists to Germany.
The summer 2016 German/American Journalist Exchange Program will run from June 12 to 25. Sponsored by the RIAS Berlin Kommission, it will feature briefings with top-level German political, business and media figures in Berlin, discussions with officials in the former East German city of Erfurt, and meetings with international journalists in Cologne. The program will conclude with meetings in Brussels, Belgium at the EU and NATO. The electronic journalists selected for this program are:
  • Olivia Allen-Price, Interactive and Engagement Producer - KQED Public Radio, San Francisco, CA
  • Ryan Bergeron, Special Projects Producer - CNN, Atlanta, GA
  • Kathy Bradshaw, Journalism Professor - BGSU, Bowling Green, OH
  • Burl Britt III, Content Producer - WNBC-TV, New York, NY
  • Angela Chen, Reporter - FOX26 News, Houston, TX
  • Melissa Colorado, Multimedia Reporter - KARE 11, Minneapolis, MN
  • Wilma Consul, Producer - NPR, Washington, DC
  • Anthony Moreno, News Director - KRWG-TV/FM, Las Cruces, NM
  • Amanda Scott, MMJ - Voice of America, Washington, DC
  • Dustin Stephens, Producer - CBS News, New York, NY
  • Paige Sutherland, Reporter - New Hampshire Public Radio, Concord, NH
  • Alima Williams, Writer/Producer - CNN, Atlanta, GA
"It will be an exciting time to be in Europe this June, as the United Kingdom votes on whether to remain part of the European Union," said Mike Cavender, RTDNF Executive Director. "It presents a perfectly-timed opportunity for our fellows to report from Europe on a major story that could have real impact here at home."
Since 1994, RTDNF has administered this media fellowship as part of its German/American Journalist Exchange Program with the RIAS Berlin Kommission. The application deadline for the fall program in Europe is May 1, 2016. For information on the RTDNF Germany fellowship or the RIAS Awards program, visit our German/American exchange program page or contact Jon Ebinger at jon@rtdna.org.
RTDNF, a 501 (c) 3 educational foundation, was created to help RTDNA members embody and uphold the standards of ethical journalism and promote leadership in the newsroom. RTDNF offers the electronic news community professional development opportunities, an open forum for the discussion of ethics, assistance with the development of leadership skills, support of First Amendment issues and the exchange of ideas and perspectives from electronic journalists worldwide. The Foundation also provides scholarships and fellowships to aspiring and early-career electronic journalists.

About RIAS Berlin Kommission
The RIAS Berlin Kommission is a bi-national organization established in 1992 to promote understanding between the United States and Germany in the field of broadcasting.  Each exchange program is fully financed by the RIAS Berlin Kommission, a non-profit, non-governmental organization.


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