2020 RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards Celebration

German/American Journalists Exchange Testimonials

November 30, -0001 12:00

For German Study Programs:

"The RIAS Berlin exchange program broadened my experience in a way that’s impossible to fully describe. Talking to business and political leaders, citizens and journalists gave me new perspectives and insight into German and European culture. Perhaps just as important, it gave me a first-hand look at how American culture and government policies are perceived elsewhere. "

Allison Frost, producer
Oregon Public Radio, Portland

"The access we were afforded to the corridors of government and brokers of policy allowed us not just to observe the country, but to better understand what makes it tick. Many of the issues facing Germany today are similar to those in the United States - a weak economy, environmental concerns, a racial divide - but we gained new insight into different ways to deal with those problems."

Tom Hawley, reporter
Las Vegas, NV

"American journalists are offered the experience of exploring a range of subjects, including Germany's politics, media, economy and history in an intense two-week program. We were encouraged to ask questions about any issue, no matter how controversial. It's a great chance to get a close look at one of Europe's most significant countries."

Sarah Williams, international broadcaster
Voice of America, Washington, DC

"The RIAS Berlin fellowship was one of the most educational, interesting and useful experiences I've had. I went into it hoping it would re-energize my passion for journalism. The program did that and more - we called it a two-week grad school course. It's given me an incredible first-hand reference point that I use on the job all the time."

Jim Armstrong, reporter
WLNE-TV, Providence, RI

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