Go live to radio via app

August 13, 2018 11:00

Donna Francavilla is an award-winning freelance journalist for CBS Radio News and consultant/founder of Frankly Speaking Communications LLC.

“I think in a newsroom where being live on a remote basis is critical, I don’t know how we can do that without the QGoLive app. We pretty much use it all the time.” - Steve Butler, Director of News and Programming, KYW Newsradio

Imagine being out in the field on a breaking news story. Your news director wants you to be live minutes from now with a :40 report using that sound bite you just captured. The anchor tosses to you. You press a button on your smartphone, read your script, touch another button to activate your actuality, then sum up and tag out.  There’s no need to swap out heavy equipment. No on-air quality is compromised.  You get on-the-air broadcast quality using just the internal iPhone microphone.

It’s that fast and easy with QGoLive

How does this app compare to the competition? 
KYW Newsradio’s Steve Butler tells me the all-news radio station has been using the novel technology extensively​. ​In a recent interview, Steve shared that the station was so impressed by QGoLive, it never had to look anywhere else. “The QGoLive solution didn’t require that the station buy anything; the deal was barter and no new hardware was required.” 

Butler liked that the system didn’t require a lot of management.  “You didn’t have to worry about every reporter being licensed or making the reporter a new user in a system.” The software does require each new user register their email address, Butler said. “We have our partners on the television side call-in using QGoLive. It’s still broadcast quality from where ever they are--even overseas reports were a success.”

”The technology worked so well for staffers, according to Butler, that KYW Newsradio stopped using LUCI Live in favor of QGoLive.  “Because, in part, over time, the application improved, adding new features and increasing in reliability.” 

How does it work? 
No hardware is needed; download the app. Press one button. It’s just as easy as making a phone call. Use your iPad, iPhone, or other iOS and Android devices, PC or Mac. 
In addition to the straight live shot voicer from the scene, the app allows reporters to import and playout edited actualities in a report.  There’s even a scripting function that puts the playout button for an actuality at the proper point in the script.

It’s also possible to record a wrap “live to tape” with the actualities inserted and then email or upload the finished product, thereby reducing production time for a wrap by up to 80%.

1010 WINS New York radio news anchor Lee Harris who created this solution, recently showed me how it works. Bedazzled, I went to CBS Network News that very day to add the technology to my iPhone.  Set-up took about 5 minutes. We tested the system. Moments after signing up, my voice could be heard through the network board. CBS Digital Media Manager Dustin Gervais told me many more CBS field reporters have begun using the technology. They enjoy being able to file quickly without lugging around equipment.

QGoLive can be a no-cash proposition for commercial stations in rated markets.  It is offered on barter – unlimited accounts for one minute of commercial time per day with a dedicated receiver provided.

Why try it?
QGoLive replaces phone quality live shots and technology requiring set-up and connection. And the audio is broadcast-quality.

What’s new since this technology was unveiled? 
QGoLive now offers the user the option to record a report as live, then feed it back to the newsroom when Internet conditions aren’t ideal to go live.

Find the app at QGoLive.com or in the app store.