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Journalism is a profession with a process

November 1, 2017 11:00

Working in a newsroom isn’t always easy. You put up with long and sometimes unusual hours. Always approaching deadlines. Negative comments and criticism. Uncooperative officials. In short, it’s not always as glamorous as it looks on TV.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget why you decided to pursue journalism in the first place. So why did you?
To give voices to the voiceless and tell stories no one was telling. To call out wrongdoing and make your community better. To uphold a Constitutional duty to seek and report the truth.

You knew that’s what makes journalism different. Different than content or commentary. Different than ‘fake news.’

Journalism is a profession with a process.

As a news professional, you hold yourself and your colleagues to a higher standard. You rigorously check your facts and your biases. You agonize over word choices and story angles. You continuously learn and improve your craft.

Journalism is a profession with a process, and RTDNA is your professional association.

Your communities rely on you to stay informed and, sometimes, even to stay safe. To keep up with industry news and be sure your reporters’ rights are protected, you can rely on RTDNA.

RTDNA is a community of news professionals. More than 1200 mentors, friends, colleagues and allies are always ready to be a trusted source when you run into a newsroom dilemma. We’re a support system for you and your career, with ongoing training and education so you can keep up with changing news platforms and audience trends. We’re a resource when you need ethics advice. We’re your ally in your fight for the public’s right to know.

The news profession is facing significant mistrust and vitriol, but it’s more important than ever. The solution to ‘fake news’ in all its incarnations is more and better journalism. That starts in local newsrooms. It starts with news professionals like you. It starts with the backup you get as an RTDNA member.

Next time you’re racing towards a deadline, remember, journalism is a profession to be proud of, and be sure you’re a proud member of RTDNA.

For membership questions, contact Director of Membership, Marketing and Communications Karen Hansen at or 202-662-7257.


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