Money Matters: 3 Timely Election Financial Stories

October 28, 2020 01:30

This year, healthcare is a top concern for American voters riding out the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic and events leading up to the 2020 election. Meanwhile, a troubled economy and fears of future mandates and lockdowns weigh heavily on the minds of American consumers.

Here are 3 ideas aimed at consumers making tough choices during one of the most important election years in American history.

American Voters’ Financial Fears

The COVID-19 crisis and resulting high unemployment rates have wreaked havoc on the economy, hitting low-income and middle-class workers especially hard. So, what are the greatest financial concerns on the minds of voters this year as they head to the polls? Taxes, employment and health insurance top the list, followed by housing affordability, foreign trade, student loan debt and the stock market, according to a recent survey from personal finance site Bankrate.

Story idea: Interview voters about their top financial concerns and how those factors are influencing their voting choices.

Eleventh-Hour Election Scams

Just days from one of the most important and polarized presidential elections in American history, scammers employ last-minute efforts to exploit political fears, anxiety about the election outcome and zeal for a particular candidate to dupe voters. 

Scam tactics include unsolicited emails, texts or calls from fake campaign sources asking for donations, fake “polls” to solicit personal information for identity theft, callers impersonating government officials asking voters to update registration information and emails or text messages misdirecting voters to the wrong polling place.

Story idea: Interview political sources and/or voters who were victims of elections scams to list the most common last-minute election scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Presidential Election Outcome and Healthcare

In this divisive political climate, Joe Biden’s detractors claim that 180 million Americans could lose their private health insurance under his plan. President Trump’s detractors say that 20 million Americans will lose health insurance coverage if the Supreme Court votes to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, false social media posts further misinform voters. 

Story idea: Fact check each candidate’s statements about Obamacare, Biden’s healthcare plan and what the election outcome could mean for those with pre-existing conditions and other potential changes to Americans’ healthcare and health insurance choices. 
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