Money Matters: Apps that save (or earn) you money

June 14, 2019 12:00

We’ve written before in Money Matters about the growing trends of apps that use AI to monitor finances and automatically invest or save, but that barely scratches the surface of personal finance apps.  This week, take a look at different kinds of apps to save or earn you money.

For example, coupons are rarely clipped anymore. They’re much more likely to be digital. Shopping apps like Ibotta and Shopkick offer cash back for scanning grocery store item barcodes or receipts, offering an easy way to earn a little cash for items you already purchase.

Most retailers also offer apps that can alert you to in-store or online savings and (may) save money – but are worth looking into a little closer (like KARE11 did here).

Other apps watch the price of flights, scour the internet for discount codes or notify you of sales.

A less commonly known type of app will help you find unclaimed money – from tax refunds, insurance payouts or forgotten deposits.

Now what to do with the money saved (or earned) from these apps?

Try apps that help you invest with a purpose, like the Swell app that NBC Washington reported on as part of a series on the environment. It helps direct investments to companies working for sustainable environments.

Take a look through the app store’s finance category.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find some good ways to save money – and some good consumer story ideas! What consumer reporter doesn’t need that?
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