Murrow Award-winning work tackles opioid crisis

September 10, 2018 11:00

Murrow Award winners each year show a snapshot of the year’s biggest stories. Scroll the list of winning work to relive the year’s breaking stories and get a glimpse into the collective social consciousness of the moment. This year, investigations, series and long-form winners coalesced around an increasingly urgent issue: the opioid crisis.

Illustrating the devastating impact of opioid addiction on communities, highlighting the hope that recovery can bring, and unveiling the systems complicit in the epidemic’s spread, Murrow Award-winning reports this year covered the opioid crisis from every angle. These are just a few: ABC News’ Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas covered multiple unique angles of the issue in a 5-part series for ABC News Radio, “America’s Fentanyl Crisis.”

The winning series shows it doesn’t long to tell a powerful story, offering several powerful, highly visual vignettes.

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