RTDNF names 2017 N.S. Bienstock Fellow

Quincy Walters, reporter, WGCU

The 2017 N.S. Bienstock Fellow is Quincy Walters, a reporter and backup host at WGCU, the public radio station for Southwest Florida. He enjoys covering the environment and sharing the voices of people who aren't often heard. Prior to joining WGCU, Quincy was a reporter for Tampa Bay's WUSF and a production intern at NPR.

He says, "Before I started as an intern at WUSF where I’d cut my teeth as a radio reporter, I would produce my own This American Life-esque stories and upload them to SoundCloud; interviewing homeless people, recording my voiceovers for the stories into cheap audio equipment while under a thick blanket in my closet adding different music before the final mixdown to cue certain scenes. I’ve come a long way since broadcasting from my closet. I’ve learned about journalistic standards. I’ve learned about writing for radio. And I’ve learned how to set scenes without relying on music. However, there is one thing I’ve retained: the magical wonder that got me into this form of storytelling in the first place."

According to WUSF News Director Mary Shedden, "Quincy quite simply was born to tell stories." She continues, "Quincy’s gift and love for telling sound-rich stories improved the quality of our local newscasts and stimulated older and far-more-seasoned colleagues to hone their craft."

Listen to some of Quincy's stories: Find Quincy on Twitter at @quincy_walters.

This fellowship was established in 1999 by Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper, the original owners of N.S. Bienstock, now known as Bienstock, a UTA Company, which has been a leading talent agency in news and reality-based programming for more than 50 years. The award recognizes a promising minority journalist in radio or television news. 

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