Parenting stories that aim to make a difference

July 3, 2018 11:00

It’s a timely, helpful and practical series of stories:  targeted, research-based, free television news and web site content aimed directly at parents.
It is happening right now at stations across the country, thanks to the combined work of Ivanhoe Broadcast News and Child Trends, the leading child research organization in the country. They have created the Positive Parenting series to provide access to the latest research on childhood development. The project is funded through a National Science Foundation grant.
I became involved as an Advisory Board member for the group almost two years ago and have been privileged to see so many stories that impact families in multiple social/ethnic communities.
In just over a year, we are now at 102 subscribing stations, including ten in the top 30 Latino markets.  And, by the way, there are Spanish translations included.  They also make great content for radio newscasts. Timely, indeed.
We all know that news directors now have more hours than ever that require solid, vetted, relevant and teasable content with added web traction! Even with the rise of the Internet, recent studies from research organizations like the Pew Center still show that TV is the most commonly used platform for news among U.S. Hispanics.  
Some of the stories already produced and aired include: 
DACA – Protecting Kids’ Mental Health, Making Math Count, Touchscreens and Toddlers, Raising Kind Kids and many more.
News directors and producers who have used these innovative stories praise them. The stories feature parents and kids. They attract mothers and fathers who can learn from renowned social science researchers offering easy to understand advice for better parenting in these challenging times.
If this peaks some interest, please feel free to contact John Cherry at Ivanhoe and ask for some samples to review.  
As an advisory panel member for the Child Trends News Service, a longtime subscriber to Ivanhoe and a former affiliate and cable news director, I can heartily recommend these strong, well-produced packages.
Timely, helpful and practical information, indeed!