RTDNA honors 3 for service to association

One of RTDNA’s core pillars is recognizing excellence in journalism. Each year, the Board of Directors takes a moment to recognize those who excel in service toward that mission. These individuals go above and beyond to keep the association and its foundation strong and to serve its members.

The Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award was created in honor of RTDNF founder Col. Barney Oldfield, USAF (Ret.). Oldfield was a philanthropist who believed passionately in the importance of journalism. This award goes annually to an individual who, through their own efforts, has contributed to the growth and success of RTDNF.

The 2020 Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award winner is Janice Gin, news director at KITV4 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Janice understands the tremendous legacy established by Barney Oldfield, the founder of the RTDNF, because she had the opportunity to meet Barney Oldfield personally during her long service to this foundation.  Additionally, she has displayed a passion for growing our foundation, and the scholarships and the fellowships we offer each year.  It’s clear to see how the impact the foundation’s work has on the scholarship and fellowship winners energizes her and inspires her to continue to help grow the foundation. 
Bob Priddy is one of RTDNA’s most distinguished former board members, with over 27 years of service. At the conclusion of his service at RTDNA@NAB 2010, Priddy was honored with the newly introduced Bob Priddy Award, which is now presented annually to board members who exemplify Priddy’s distinguished and consistent service to RTDNA.

The 2020 Bob Priddy Award winner is Director-at-Large Chip Mahaney, Emerging Talent Leader at The E.W. Scripps Company. Over his many years of service on the board, Chip has tackled fundamental governance and membership issues, facilitated educational sessions and contributed thoughtful strategy that helped move the organization forward. He has served in a variety of roles on the Board of Directors, from committee chair to executive committee member, and is a friend and personal confidante to many.
The Rob Downey Citation, named for the first executive secretary of RTDNA, is presented annually. In honor of Downey’s quiet, persistent leadership, the citation recognizes exceptional service to the RTDNA board of directors.

The 2019 Rob Downey Citation is presented to Chief Staff Officer Tara Puckey. Tara oversees RTDNA’s association operations, dabbling in everything from events to board strategy, partnerships to budgets, and everything in between. She has worked hard this year to keep the Board of Directors focused on the attainable with a keen eye toward members and the industry as a whole. Tara has taken on dozens of new tasks amidst the pandemic and continues to help drive the association toward excellence.


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