RTDNA joins open letter to performing artists

November 17, 2015 01:30

RTDNA and several other journalism organizations have written an open letter to musicians, calling on them to loosen restrictions on news photographers at concerts. At issue are onerous contracts that not only severely limit photography at events, but require performer approval of photos, and demand photojournalists (or their employers) give up rights to the images in order to gain access to concerts.

The letter calls of performing artists and their management to create fair contracts that do not seize rights to photos taken by journalists, and remove provisions requiring prior approval of images to be used, arguing, "Such language makes these agreements more like ultimatums than a fair deal. If anything, our work enhances your brand."

It concludes, "We request that you and your representatives enter into meaningful dialogue with us in order to come up with agreements that will benefit all parties, as well as serve the best interest of your fans and the general public."

The letter comes in the wake of discussions earlier this year, when journalism groups, including RTDNA, persuaded singer Taylor Swift to loosen restrictions on photography at her concerts.


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