RTDNA launches task force to protect First Amendment freedoms

March 31, 2017 11:00

Since its founding in 1946, RTDNA has supported and defended the First Amendment. In today's climate of distrust and amid growing attacks on journalism, RTDNA is renewing its commitment to speak out for freedom of the press by establishing the Voice of the First Amendment Task Force.

The goals of the task force include not only reacting to threats to First Amendment Freedoms, but proactively supporting journalists and educating the public about the importance of a free press to our democracy.

"If the public comes to believe the news media are the 'enemy of the people,' one of our country's most fundamental rights could be lost," said Task Force Co-Chair Sheryl Worsley. "Freedom of the press helps ensure a check on government and helps America stay free."

To launch the effort, members of the task force will be meeting with leaders from radio and television station groups across the country at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas in April. They will discuss recent threats to press freedom and begin to develop a strategic plan to protect and promote the vital role of journalism.

"It has become politically fashionable to bash the press, and we believe that should not go unanswered," said Task Force Co-Chair Scott Libin. "We intend to demonstrate the indispensable role of journalism in a democracy."

Station groups interested in participating can reach us at pressfreedom@rtdna.org or call RTDNA Executive Director Mike Cavender at 770-823-1760.