RTDNA seeks suggestions for Code of Ethics update

January 13, 2014 11:00

By Scott Libin, RTDNA Region 4/5 Director, Ethics Committee Chair

How much has changed in journalism since 2000?
Let’s see.  In 2000, September 11 had no special significance as a date.  Twitter was what birds did. Tablets were pads of paper.  Busy people wore pagers.  Cell phones weren’t “smart” and were for voice calls only.  What else would you do with a phone?   
The Radio Television Digital News Association, RTDNA, was still the Radio Television News Directors Association, RTNDA.
One thing that hasn’t changed since then is the Code of Ethics adopted in September 2000 by the RTNDA Board of Directors.  The core values that underlie that document haven’t changed, either.  The Association still supports the First Amendment, works to protect the rights of electronic journalists, promotes ethical standards in the industry, provides members with training and education and honors outstanding work in the profession.
But maybe, after more than 13 years and countless changes in the way journalists practice their craft, it’s time for an update of the Code.  A new RTDNA ethics committee is examining that possibility and will report its recommendations to the Board in time for this September’s meeting at EIJ14 in Nashville.
We’d like you to be a part of the process.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by February 1.  The ethics committee will meet in March to consider the results of the survey along with other input and research.
The need for practical, relevant resources to support ethical decision-making in journalism has never been greater.  This is your chance to help meet that need. 


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