RTDNF offers guide for incoming news directors

October 23, 2017 01:30

When it comes to managing a newsroom, it's easy to feel like you're on your own.

Most news managers start out as reporters, producers, photographers or editors and have worked their way up either within a single newsroom or at a series of newsrooms in different markets. And most have been mentored along the way, learning the ropes from college instructors, fellow employees and news managers with experience.

But once you take on the job of leading a newsroom, the number of people you can turn to for advice narrows. You may be in the position of being the most experienced journalist on your team, and your general manager may have come from a sales, promotions or engineering background rather than from news. When you have questions about managing your team or need strategies to hire and develop your employees, where do you turn?

RTDNA and RTDNF offer dozens of training seminars for news leaders at our annual convention, as well as networking opportunities with newspeople from around the country and around the world. And online, we're offering our most helpful and popular newsroom leadership publications at no charge for you to study.

For first-time news managers who have accepted or are just thinking about accepting a job running a newsroom, or for those moving to a leadership role in a new market, our get-started guide called Incoming: Advice to the Newly-named News Director is filled with questions and answers to help you find your way. Written by NewsLab's Deborah Potter, the handbook includes such topics as getting to know your team, understanding workplace cultures, learning about a new market, managing up (and sideways) within your organization, recruiting, budgeting, crisis planning, ethics, work-life balance, surveys and more.


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