The 'best part of the best amendment'

March 11, 2020 11:00



A Night to Remember

FAD 20


March 5, the Radio Television Digital News Foundation (RTDNF) honored broadcast professionals dedicated to defending the First Amendment and the public’s right to know at the in Washington, D.C. 

The evening kicked off with a  from Executive Director of RTDNA/RTDNF Dan Shelley. Speaking to the crowd and encouraging broadcasters to hire displaced journalists, he said, “Certainly, you also have room for seasoned, displaced print reporters who can bring additional depth and breadth to your coverage, to enhance your ability to serve your communities. Become oases in America’s news deserts.” He finished by saying, "By joining forces, we can place America’s dust bowls of journalism into the dustbin of history.”


Honoring First Amendment Champions

FAD 20


ABC News Correspondent  emceed the evening and helped us to recognize each of our of seven honorees. They each shared empowering and inspirational stories about their careers in journalism and the importance of the First Amendment.



Watch each of the 7 honorees' inspiring remarks:

“We deserve to live in a world where facts matter. Where the truth is not debatable or determined by shared set of beliefs. But clear because the facts point us to the truth.” - 


“My favorite part of the First Amendment is freedom of the press. And you’re my favorite part of that freedom—particularly those of you who still labor in the fast-disappearing world of objective, fact-based journalism. To me, you are the best part of the best amendment to the best constitution in the world.” - 

In the News

Find more photos from the evening .


What's next?

If you couldn’t make it to the First Amendment Awards Dinner, you can still play a big role by donating to RTDNF and supporting our continued work to ensure the broadcast and digital news profession remains a critical part of our nation’s free press for generations to come. We can do so much more with your help. 


Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to this year's , including NBC News, Hearst Television, Nexstar Media Group, TEGNA, CBS News, ABC News, CNN, the Associated Press and many more.



RTDNF, a 501(c)3 educational foundation, was created to help RTDNA members embody and uphold the standards of ethical journalism and promote leadership in the newsroom. The Foundation works for an America in which the press is able to hold the powerful to account, shine a light on corruption and act as a catalyst for positive change in local communities without denial of access, undue restriction, or fear of attack. We train and equip local journalists and journalism students to know their rights and report seek and report truth ethically – upholding your right to know.


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