Together we teach, illuminate, inspire

November 1, 2018 01:30

Journalism today is “under near-constant attack – rhetorically, to be sure, but, sadly, in too many cases, also physically,” says RTDNA Executive Director Dan Shelley, as journalists increasingly face verbal assault, death threats, physical violence, murder and terrorism.

But seeking and reporting truth is a constitutionally-protected civic duty vital to the health of our democracy and one that can teach, illuminate and inspire, in the words of icon Edward R. Murrow.

At this year’s Murrow Awards Gala, ABC World News Tonight Anchor and Managing Editor David Muir said it’s “more important than ever that we have each other’s backs.”

Most know RTDNA as the home of the Murrow Awards, the most prestigious honors in broadcast and digital news since 1971. But RTDNA has been promoting and protecting journalism in many more ways since our founding in 1946.

In the last year, the importance of standing together as journalists in support of the public’s right and need to know has never been clearer than at any time in RTDNA’s 72 years.

In courts, in legislatures, in governors’ mansions and newsrooms, RTDNA is standing up for journalists and the important public service they provide.

RTDNA members may be competitors on air, but as journalists, as Americans, we’re on the same team, pursuing truth at every turn. We teach each other how to be better news leaders. We illuminate each other’s work in service of the community. We inspire each other to continue to amplify the voices of those unheard and hold the powerful accountable.

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RTDNA is the world's largest professional organization devoted exclusively to broadcast and digital journalism. Founded as a grassroots organization in 1946, RTDNA’s mission is to promote and protect responsible journalism. RTDNA defends the First Amendment rights of electronic journalists throughout the country, honors outstanding work in the profession through the Edward R. Murrow Awards and provides members with training to encourage ethical standards, newsroom leadership and industry innovation Join our community of courageous news leaders and friends of the First Amendment.


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