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News leaders discuss #MeToo one year in at the Power Shift Summit 2.0

January 15, 2019 09:40

One year ago, in January 2018, news leaders gathered at the Newseum for a summit focused on shifting the power in newsrooms. As the #MeToo movement made its way into media, participants took an uncomfortable but necessary look at our industry and the change needed to build better workplace cultures that value and protect all members, including the traditionally less powerful. 

The summit's lessons grew into the Power Shift Project and its Workplace Integrity curriculum, spearheaded by news leadership educator Jill Geisler, among other initiatives.  

January 15, 2019, the Power Shift Summit reconvened to see how far the industry has come in covering #MeToo stories and addressing our own workplaces and to share lessons learned. 

Watch the Power Shift Summit 2.0 video here and find a recap of the summit here.
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Over the past year, RTDNA has worked to give newsroom leaders the tools to address and prevent workplace discrimination and harassment and recognized those working to do so. We have
RTDNA at the Power Shift
RTDNA team at the Power Shift Summit 2.0    Photo: Jill Geisler / Freedom Forum Institute


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