Watch: Secrets of winning Murrow Award entries

January 23, 2020 01:30

The RTDNA Awards Committee, our Awards Manager and experienced Murrow Awards judges and winners share insights into the Murrow Award entry and judging processes, what's new and different for 2020, the most common mistakes to avoid and judges' pet peeves.

Before you submit your 2021 Murrow award entries, have your questions about the Murrow awards answered by a panel of experts. Sign up now for a 1-hour webinar with the RTDNA Awards Committee on Friday, January 22 at 2pm ET. You’ll learn what judges look for in a winning entry, what is new and improved for 2021, the most common mistakes to avoid and answers to all your technical questions about the entry process.

Watch to learn:

  • What winning entries in categories like Innovation, Social Media and Multimedia look like. Find some examples here.
  • How to plan for and prepare entries throughout the year.
  • What to include in your brief description and when a supplemental document can help add context to strengthen your entry.
  • Why applying to be a judge will inspire you, strengthen your team and help your future entries. 
  • What to know about the entry rules, including partnerships and digital entries. Review the complete rules and categories here.

Most common entry errors are easy to prevent by slowing down and double checking everything on each entry before submitting, including Region, Market, Category, and link. Check out solutions to some of the most common entry issues here.

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Take a walk through the entry process: