Webinar: Understanding your creative evolution

April 28, 2020 11:00

Watch our workshop on understanding your creative evolution and learn how to leverage your personality type in your professional life.

The luxury of time is not something we often find ourselves with in the fast-paced environment of news. While COVID-19 has presented many challenges, it has also presented many opportunities to take a minute and learn how we, and the teams we manage, work best. The only way to grow yourself professionally IS to know yourself professionally. In this 60-minute webinar, we explore your Myers-Briggs personality type and dive into how you can leverage it professionally to be more productive, more creative and advocate for yourself as we all navigate this new WFH landscape. We will also go over ways to work and collaborate with each type so that you can better understand your team and colleagues as you begin to have a deeper connection with yourself.

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Speaker: Victoria "Vix" Reitano, a former journalist turned entrepreneur who has managed brands, social media and content at Time Inc, ABC, NBC and Telepictures. Reitano launched her own company, 6boro (Social + Studios), in 2015 (five years after graduating from Quinnipiac University) and has served over 100 clients since her agency began including The United Nations, CKO Kickboxing, Elite World Group and dozens of other businesses of all sizes - she even handled marketing for the ad:tech conference in 2017! She has served as a Society of Professional Journalists trainer with the Google News Initiative for the last five years and trained thousands of students, journalists and pros worldwide.