What’s new with the Murrow Awards?

January 22, 2019 11:00

We’re less than a month away from the Murrow entry deadline, February 14 – and the February 4 early bird deadline is closer yet.

Before you submit your entries, make sure you’re aware of these rule category updates for the 2019 competition.


This year, we’ve clarified our rules on entries submitted by a partnership or group of entrants:
  • Any entry produced in a partnership must be submitted in the market and region of the largest partner.
  •  A “partner” is defined as someone who provides production assistance or significant editorial input for an entry.
  • If an organization is only helping distribute work to a wider audience, they will not be considered a partner.
  • All partner organizations must be listed on the award entry.

Digital Entrants

  • This category is now open to sites with fewer than 2,4999,999 unique monthly visitors. If you have more than 2,500,000 unique monthly visitors, you’re now in the Large Digital category.  
  • As of 2019, both small and large digital entries will be judged at the national level.

Satellite/Online Radio Stations

  • A terrestrial station that is also broadcast via satellite and/or online counts as a radio station in the appropriate market size.
  • A purely satellite station should apply in the “Network” radio category

Multimedia Category

  • Formerly known as Website, this category now allows for either an overview of web presence, or focus on multimedia coverage of a single news topic.
  • Submit UP TO 15 links to demonstrate how your online content informs and educates the public and enhances public debate about important daily issues.

Excellence in Social Media

  • This category now allows an overview of a news organization's social media use, rather than a focus on a single story.
  • Submit up to 10 examples of social media coverage
  • At least 1 link must show social media being used to further the audience’s understanding of a single news story, news event or news project.
Review the complete rules and categories here and submit your entries by (or before) February 14.

Entries submitted by February 4 and entries submitted by members are eligible for discounted fees.

Have questions about your Murrow entry? Reach out to Kate McGarrity at katem@rtdna.org or 202-662-7254.


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