The Radio-Television News Directors Association has been honoring outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R. Murrow Awards since 1971. Murrow's pursuit of excellence in journalism embodies the spirit of the awards that carry his name. Murrow Award recipients demonstrate the spirit of excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the broadcast news profession.


Overall Excellence: CBS Radio News
Newscast: CBS Radio News, CBS World News Roundup
Spot News Coverage: ABC News Radio, Violence in Israel
Continuing Coverage: CBS Radio News, The Recount
Feature Reporting: ABC News Radio, Non-Emergencies in the ER
News Series: Youth Radio, Making the Grade
News Documentary: CBS Radio News, Eye on the Dream
Use of Sound: ESPN Radio, A Day in the Life of the Subway Series
Writing: CBS Radio News, Sidebar: Bill Whitney

Overall Excellence: NBC News
Newscast: NBC News, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
Spot News Coverage: CNN, Belgrade Uprising
Continuing Coverage: CNN, Elian Gonzalez Coverage
Investigative Reporting: Dateline NBC, The Paper Chase
Feature Reporting: Dateline NBC, War and Remembrance
Sports Reporting: Dateline NBC, The Gathering Storm
News Series: CNN, Sierra Leone Coverage
News Documentary: CBS News 48 Hours, The Enemy Within
Use of Video: Dateline NBC, A Killer Among Us
Writing : CBS News, Everybody Has a Story
Web Site: ABC News, abcnews.com


Radio - Large Market
Overall Excellence: KIRO-AM Seattle
Newscast: CFTR-AM Toronto, History on Hold
Spot News Coverage: KMOX-AM St. Louis, Governor's Plane Crash
Continuing Coverage: WTAM-AM Cleveland, Murder of a Mom-To-Be
Investigative Reporting: WNYC-AM New York, NYPD Strip Searches: The Illegal Practice Continues
Feature Reporting: KIRO-AM Seattle, Experience Music Project
Sports Reporting: WBAL-AM Baltimore, Jockeying for Status
News Series: KFBK-AM/FM Sacramento, CA, Sacramento Valley of Meth
News Documentary: KCBS-AM San Francisco, Hired Hands
Use of Sound: KYW-AM Philadelphia, NSYNC NSANITY
Writing: KIRO-AM Seattle, Letter to Bill Gates
Web Site: KTRH Newsradio Houston, www.ktrh.com

Radio - Small Market
Overall Excellence: WSYR Radio Syracuse, NY
Newscast: VOCM Radio St. Johns, NF, VOCM News
Spot News Coverage: KFDI-AM/FM Wichita, KS, Bombadier Crash
Continuing Coverage: WGY-AM Latham, NY, The Amadou Diallo Trial
Investigative Reporting: WIVK Radio Knoxville, TN, Oliver Springs Murders
Feature Reporting: WATD-FM Marshfield, MA, The Possible Dreams Auction
Sports Reporting: KVOR-AM Colorado Springs, Darkness, Silence and Football
News Series: WOI-AM Ames, IA, Vietnam: A 25th Anniversary Anthology
News Documentary: KCSD-FM Sioux Falls, SD, German Prisoners of War in South Dakota
Use of Sound: WMSI-FM Jackson, MS, Neshoba County Fair
Writing: WBHM-FM Birmingham, AL, The Un-Rebels and Hands-On Experience
Web Site: WSJM-AM St. Joseph, MI, www.wsjm.com

Television - Large Market
Overall Excellence: KARE-TV Minneapolis
Newscast: WFTV Orlando, Eyewitness News at 11
Spot News Coverage: WBMA-TV Birmingham, AL, Tornado 2000
Continuing Coverage: WBNS-TV Columbus, OH, Black Mold
Investigative Reporting: KHOU-TV Houston, Treading on Danger
Feature Reporting: KCNC-TV Denver, Erin's Life¾10 Years Later
Sports Reporting: WOOD-TV Grand Rapids, MI, The Shot Heard Round West Michigan
News Series: KCBS-TV Los Angeles, California's Billion Dollar Ripoff
News Documentary: WTHR-TV Indianapolis, In the Child's Best Interest
Use of Video: KOMO-TV Seattle, Class of 2000
Writing: KHOU-TV Houston, Lauck 2000
Web Site: WFLA-TV Tampa, FL, www.tbo.com

Television - Small Market
Overall Excellence: WNDU-TV South Bend, IN
Newscast: WOKR-TV Rochester, NY, NewsSource 13 at 6 p.m.
Spot News Coverage: WTVC-TV Chattanooga, TN, Tennga School Bus/Train Collision
Continuing Coverage: WSLS-TV Roanoke, VA, The Disappearance of Tara Munsey
Investigative Reporting: WBBH-TV Fort Myers, FL, Fire Code Investigation
Feature Reporting: WNDU-TV South Bend, IN, Little River Steam Engine
Sports Reporting: WOWT-TV Omaha, NE, Senior League
News Series: KEZI-TV Eugene, OR, No Entry
News Documentary: KVBC-TV Las Vegas, NV, Honor Thy Father
Use of Video: KVUE-TV Austin, TX, Rude Drivers
Writing : KOTV Tulsa, OK, The Oklahoma Traveler
Web Site: KXLY-TV Spokane, WA, www.kxly.com