2008 Murrow National Winners

Television Network/Syndication Service

Overall Excellence: ABC News
Continuing Coverage: CBS News, Boots on the Ground
Feature: Hard News: ABC News, Children of War
Feature Reporting: CBS News, The Way Home
Investigative Reporting: ABC News, Brian Ross Investigates: Prescription for Error
News Documentary: ABC News, To Iraq and Back: Bob Woodruff Reports
News Series: ESPN Deportes, Sobrevivientes - Still Alive
Newscast: CBS News, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
Sports Reporting: ESPN, ESPN SportsCenter: Sister Andrea Jaeger
Spot News Coverage: ABC News, Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
Videography: ABC News, Key to the World: Kiribati
Website: CBS News, cbsnews.com
Writing: NBC News - The Today Show, American Story with Bob Dotson

Radio Network/Syndication Service

Overall Excellence: CBS Radio News
Continuing Coverage: ABC News Radio, Virginia Tech Shootings
Feature: Hard News: Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Emmett Till Apology
Feature Reporting: Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Kids Write the Blues
Investigative Reporting: NPR, Sexual Abuse of Native American Women
News Documentary: XM Satellite Radio, The Invisible: Children without Homes
News Series: NPR, Rescuing the Wounded: Iraq to Germany
Newscast: CBS Radio News, News on the Hour
Sports Reporting: ABC News Radio, A Reason to Cheer
Spot News Coverage: CBS Radio News, Virginia Tech
Use of Sound: CBS Radio News, Bob Barker Retires
Writing: CBS Radio News, Dave Ross

Television: Large Market

Overall Excellence: KOMO-TV, Seattle
Continuing Coverage: KGW-TV, December Storm
Feature: Hard News: WTHR-TV, Mission Complete
Feature Reporting: KYW-TV, Stephen McGowan
Investigative Reporting: KNBC-TV, Contaminated
News Documentary: WBAL-TV, Africa's Maryland
News Series: WBAL-TV, A Clear Cut Case
Newscast: WHDH-TV, 7 News at 11
Sports Reporting: WCNC-TV, A League of Their Own
Spot News Coverage: KARE-TV, 35W Bridge Collapse
Videography: KUSA-TV, Scholl Videography Compilation
Website: WFAA-TV, WFAA.com Online Innovation
Writing: KOMO-TV, Sharify's Stories

Television: Small Market

Overall Excellence: WJAR-TV, Cranston, RI
Continuing Coverage: WKRG-TV, Mobiles Makeover
Feature: Hard News: WLTX-TV, Filyaw's Letters
Feature Reporting: News 10 Now, Syracuse, NY, Dr. Seuss Winter
Investigative Reporting: WLOX-TV, Home Sweet Meth Home
News Documentary: KTHV-TV, 50 Years: Central High Foundations of Freedom
News Series: WHAM-TV, A Wish Before Dying
Newscast: A-Channel Barrie, A Channel News at 6
Sports Reporting: KCCI-TV, One Week: Highway 5
Spot News Coverage: WSLS-TV, Virginia Tech Massacre Day 1
Videography: KVUE-TV, Seaholm Swan Song
Website: WSYR-TV, 9wsyr.com
Writing: News 12 Connecticut, David Springer Composite

Radio: Large Market

Overall Excellence: WBAL-AM, Baltimore
Continuing Coverage: KTAR-FM, Illegal Immigration
Feature Reporting: WNYC-FM, The Second Mom
Feature: Hard News: KGO-AM, The Golden Hour
Investigative Reporting: WTMJ-AM, Unlawful Restraint?
News Documentary: WBAL-AM, The Immortal Ironman
News Series: WBZ-AM, Teen Stress
Newscast: 710 KIRO AM, The Big Story @ 6
Sports Reporting: KMOX-AM, PlayBoys Pt. 4
Spot News Coverage: KRLD, North Texas Tornado
Use of Sound: KGO-AM, The Golden Hour
Website: WTOP-AM/FM, wtopnews.com
Writing: WBZ-AM, Carl Stevens

Radio: Small Market

Overall Excellence: KFDI-FM/KFDI-AM, Wichita, KS
Continuing Coverage: WVPS-FM, Climate Change
Feature Reporting: WFCR-FM, Love, War, and PTSD
Feature: Hard News: South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Fire Gel
News Documentary: WUOM-FM, Ashes to Hope: Overcoming the Detroit Riot
News Series: WSLU-FM, Farm to Farm, Family to Family
Newscast: WWL-AM/FM, Grand Jury Clears Doctor Charged with Killing Katrina Patients
Sports Reporting: WMSI/WQJQ-FM, British Baseball Fan
Spot News Coverage:KFDI-FM / KFTI-AM, Valley Center Explosion
Use of Sound: WRUF-AM, Game Security
Website: WAKR-AM, AkronNewsNow.com
Writing: WGLT-FM, Charlie Schlenker Compilation

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