RTDNA has announced the winners of the 2017 Student Edward R. Murrow Awards. The awards, presented in five categories, recognize outstanding work by student journalists.

The winners are:

Excellence in Audio Newscast: Carolina Connection - November 5, 2016
University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism Team
The judges said the Election Day half-hour newscast had nice packages and was relevant with good editing and writing in and out of audio. They called it well-produced, delivered with strong co-anchor performance, including nice transitions in and out of dual anchor, packages, news and sports.

Excellence in Audio Reporting: Putting Columbia's Payphone Mystery to Rest
Emerald O'Brien, University of Missouri
The judges said the story grabbed their attention from the start and kept it until the end. They called it a fascinating human interest story, well-told and produced, adding it must have taken a lot of work, and that it felt like an episode of This American Life. They said the reporter had a very conversational approach that kept the story moving and was entertaining.

Excellence in Digital Reporting: Voting Wars
Arizona State University News21 Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications team, comprised of Lily Altavena, Alex Amico, Alejandra Armstrong, Lian Bunny, Elizabeth Campbell, Andrew Clark, Nicole Cobler, Courtney Columbus, Hillary Davis, Sami Edge, Max Garland, Taylor Gilmore, Natalie Griffin, Marianna Hauglie, Sean Holstege, Pinar Istek, Phillip Jackson, Emily Mahoney, Roman Knertser, Michael Lakusiak, Jimmy Miller, Emily Mills, Michael Olinger, Pam Ortega, Kate Peifer, Jeffrey Pierre, Sarah Pitts, Amber Reece, Ali Schmitz, Rose Velazquez, Erin Vogel-Fox.
The judges called the digital reporting winner an extremely on-point project with good stories, and creative and strategic use of multimedia throughout. The entry included thoughtful video storytelling style that felt authentic and used creative maps. The judges said the entry's interactive game was a nice touch.

Excellence in Video Newscast: Cronkite News - February 17, 2016
Windsor Smith and Madison Romine, Arizona State University
The judges said the winning newscast had nice headlines, written in active voice. They appreciated the use of a locator map when pitching to a story, and praised team coverage that was not redundant. They complemented the use of natural sound in the packages, strong soundbites, good live coverage, and praised how viewers were taken to the scene of the story.

Excellence in Video Reporting: The Kenton Lead Blob*
Zach Putnam, Richard Percy and David MacKay, University of Oregon
The judges said the winning entry had impact, was comprehensive and used tools to tell the story, not get lost in the story. They called it a complete package and described it as, "Great reporting, period."

"As a new generation prepares to enter the workforce of electronic journalists, we're proud to recognize some of the very best," said RTDNA Chairman Vincent Duffy. "They're doing the kind of high-quality work that will serve their audiences well in the years to come."

The winners will be recognized at the RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards Gala at Gotham Hall in New York City on October 9. Click here to learn more about this signature event. The winners of this year's national Edward R. Murrow Awards for professionals will be announced later this month.