The Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award was created in honor of RTDNF founder Col. Barney Oldfield, USAF (Ret.), and goes annually to an individual who, through their own efforts, has contributed to the growth and success of RTDNF.

2020 Janice Gin
2019 Paul Golden
2018 Kathy Walker
2017 Mike Cavender
2016 Harvey Nagler
2015 Jon Ebinger
2014 Ed Esposito
2013 Carole Simpson
2011 Pat Seaman
2010 Jill Geisler, Al Tompkins
2007 RTDNF Board of Trustees

Chair, Dan Shelley
Vice Chair, Loren Tobia
Secretary, Lou Prato
Treasurer, Gene Mater
RTDNA Chair, Angie Kucharski
Cissy Baker
Robert Garcia
David A. Louie
John Seigenthaler
Merrill Brown
Janice S. Gin
Al Ortiz
Robin Sproul
Dave Busiek
George Glazer
Bob Priddy
Gary Wordlaw
Mike Cavender
Princell Hair
Bill Rosswell
Gail Evans
Lucy Himstedt
Bob Salsberg

2006 Rainer Hasters
2005 George Foreman
2004 Bill McCloskey
2003 Mark Millage
2002 Gene Mater
2001 Bob Priddy
2000 Lucy Himstedt
1999 Lou Prato
1998 Marci Burdick
1997 Loren Tobia
1996 George Glazer
1995 Robert Brunner, John Spain
1994 Col. Barney and Vada Oldfield


RTDNF was founded by Colonel Barney Oldfield, whose long and impressive career included a stint as a Hollywood studio publicist, WWII Army and post-war Air Force public relations officer, author, lecturer, businessman and philanthropist who founded over 40 private foundations including RTDNF.