In addition to supporting the RTDNF bi-national exchange program between the United States and Germany, the RIAS Berlin Commission presents annual awards for excellence in reporting on transatlantic issues. Awards are presented in Radio, TV and Digital Media. In order to qualify, a report must have been on a German topic aired domestically in the U.S. or on a U.S. topic aired in Germany, or be another local, national or international story of mutual interest, be it on politics, economics, security, social issues, culture or current events and developments.

The RIAS Berlin Commission’s Media Awards are now accepting entries for 2022. There will be a total of up to $12,000 (10,000 EUR) in prize money awarded for exceptional radio, television and digital stories that includes a new $6,000 (5,000 EUR) grand prize for the single most outstanding entry that was broadcast in either the United States or Germany during 2021.
The RIAS Media Prize is intended to help strengthen the diversity of transatlantic dialogue and to deepen interest in German-American relations.  Germany and the USA are each facing new directions in many respects, both internally and externally. Committed, independent journalism can contribute a great deal to mutual understanding of and between countries as well as to an open social discourse about values and goals. The contributions submitted should go beyond daily and routine reporting, should process information and describe social reality in a remarkable way, and promote dialogue on similarities and differences in transatlantic relations.
Ideally, contributions worth consideration should: stand out thematically and/or in their execution; take on new questions in a creative way; critically examine and make the diversity of social reality clear; contain interesting suggestions for transatlantic debate; encourage reflection on problems and solutions; question clichés about Germans and/or Americans; describe trends in everyday life that are of general interest; contribute in a special way to mutual curiosity and understanding; be suitable to strengthen democratic and societal values.

Entries must be received by the RIAS Berlin Commission via email no later than January 31st, 2022.

Entries must be radio or television stories aired in 2021 or stories posted on the internet in 2021, and may be single stories or multi-part series. There is no length requirement. All U.S. entries must be submitted electronically, with a valid URL for the story that is active until March 2022 and can be accessed without proprietary information (password) by RIAS jury, and an attached script. Entries must include:

  • your name, title, business address, phone, e-mail,
  • air/posting date(s) of your story and its running length,
  • title and a brief description of your story
  • a brief description of your role in the production of the story.

Clearly indicate the category for your entry. Categories are:  

  1. Television
  2. Radio 
  3. Digital (includes podcasts and online)
  4. RIAS Fellow Prize (best TV, radio or digital entry by a current RIAS participant or RIAS fellow alumni)

A maximum of two entries per person is allowed. An entry is considered to be one single entry when several shorter pieces relate in form or content to a specific category.

Entries must be submitted electronically to All work submitted must be the primary effort of the person or persons making the entry. RIAS Berlin Commission reserves the right to create additional categories such as a “Jury Prize” for awards or decline to make an award.

It is from the support of friends like you that the RIAS German/American fellowship brings American reporters and producers and editors to places like Berlin and Bonn, Leipzig and Dusseldorf. And even on occasion Prague. We welcome your support for this longstanding program, and encourage your continued engagement with RIAS and the RTDNF. Thank you for your generous support.