Today, more than ever, what's happening overseas has an impact not just in the United States, but in your region and community. Regardless of market size, today's journalist needs to understand and be able to communicate global issues to their audience.

RTDNF is proud to partner with the RIAS Berlin Commission on fellowship programs in Germany for broadcast and digital news gatherers working in the United States. The RIAS program also includes opportunities host a visiting German RIAS fellow in your American newsroom each spring and fall.
As Europe's largest country, Germany is a major player in the evolutionary changes going on across the continent. With internal political shifts and external realities such as the enlargement of both NATO and the European Union, understanding Germany and Europe is more relevant today than in years. Diplomatically, Germany has sought to lead Europe on many issues, and has even sent peacekeeping forces abroad as part of recent multi-lateral efforts.

And with Berlin restored as the capital of Germany, journalists, politicians and social leaders are drawn to this cosmopolitan magnet. Germany's reach into American business is felt in many communities throughout the United States, creating even more connections between our countries, particularly in the automotive, technological and pharmaceutical sectors.
Since 1993 the RTDNF has co-sponsored and administered exchange programs to give journalists the opportunity to learn directly about Germany's culture, politics and practice of journalism.


It is from the support of friends like you that the RIAS German/American fellowship brings American reporters and producers and editors to places like Berlin and Bonn, Leipzig and Dusseldorf. And even on occasion Prague. We welcome your support for this longstanding program, and encourage your continued engagement with RIAS and the RTDNF. Thank you for your generous support. 

Are you an American radio, television or online journalist working for a local station, regional cable channel or national network, interested in learning more about German media, politics and society? Are you intrigued by transatlantic relations, and how it impacts your life, and your reporting? If so you may qualify for one of our seven day RIAS study programs in Germany.
Reflections from a RIAS Fellow: Bringing history's hard lessons home

Each spring and fall we conduct programs that traverse Germany, providing American broadcast journalists with an opportunity to be inside German studios, political power centers, and factories. Our program regularly visits cities such as: Berlin, the renewed capital of Germany; western German cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart; eastern cities such as Leipzig, Potsdam and Dresden; as well as Brussels, home of NATO and the European Union.
Since 1993 more than 1000 broadcast journalists from the United States and Germany have participated in this unique transatlantic exchange. Through the program, our Fellows have built bridges of understanding, both professionally and personally, with colleagues from across the ocean. Our alumni have also gone on to positions as international correspondents, anchors, news directors, and editors, and have also been accepted to longer term fellowship programs in Germany and across the globe.
Each standard study program is two weeks in length and may be extended for up to seven additional days to pursue an individual research project, file stories for your station, or serve a fellowship at a German radio or television station.
All primary expenses (transportation and accommodations) are provided by the program, as are most meals. Expenses are also covered for fellows electing to participate in an extension period. Accepted fellows must be RTDNA members.
Travel programs are currently on hold.

RIAS conducts an annual Awards program that recognizes top radio, television, and online reporting. Learn more about the awards.

Just as American journalists travel to Germany for the exchange program, German journalists visit the United States to build contacts and file stories. They need individual and broadcast station hosts during the exchange, and you can help. Read more about hosting, which requires no financial outlay on your part, only a desire to build knowledge and understanding.


All German/American Journalist Exchange programs are fully financed by the RIAS Berlin Commission. Visit the RIAS Berlin web site at, and read blogs from past participants about their experiences.

RIAS is a bi-national organization that was established in 1992 by the governments of the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany to promote German/American understanding in the field of broadcasting, and to keep alive the transatlantic tradition symbolized by RIAS (Radio In the American Sector) over the past 60 years. Read more about the history of RIAS and the exchange program, and read the top ten frequently asked questions about participation.

For further information:
German/American Journalist Exchange Program
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The RTDNF is proud to partner with the RIAS Berlin Commission on fellowship programs in Germany for broadcast and digital news gatherers working in the United States. There are two standard fellowship programs a year, one in June, and one in September/October. Each is open to broadcast and digital journalists working in legacy or new media. We also maintain opportunities for program alumni and friends of the program to host a visiting German RIAS fellow in their American newsroom each spring and fall, and welcome inquiries on having a visiting German RIAS Fellow visit your newsroom.