At RTDNA, our mission is to support and promote responsible journalism. We are always looking for actionable insights to help members and readers grow as news leaders. Volunteer contributors are sought for both regular columns and ad hoc pieces, all published on and in our weekly Communicator newsletter. We aim to share timely insights and advice on the issues and events impacting the broadcast & digital news industry today. We’re a platform for news leaders to discuss journalism’s most pressing questions.

Thank you to the following contributors:
Steve Ackermann       Jill Geisler       Kim Perone
Kortni Alston       JJ Green       Chris Post
Candy Altman       Katherine   Green       Zach Putnam
Mike Beaudet       Tim Heller       Sue Ramsett
Neal Bennett       Andrew Heyward       Andrew Rockway
Kevin Benz       Bernice Kearney       Joe Sampson
Stephanie   Bertini               Austin Kellerman       Fernanda   Santos
Michelle Billman       Erik Kirschbaum       Tim Scheld
Ben Bogardus       Brandi Kruse       Alan Sealls
Vicki Bradley       John Lawson       Andrew Seaman
Jeff Butera       Melissa Luck       Joanne Stevens
Mike Castellucci       Chip Mahaney       Amy Sullivan
Michael Castengera       Allison McGinley       Lynn Walsh
Summer Dashe       Brandon Mercer       Tim Wieland
Katalina Deaven       Frank Mungeam       John Wihbey
Vince Duffy       Bob Papper       Stacey Woelfel
David Earl       Justine Parker       Julie Wolfe
Cassie Fambro       Matt Pearl       Lauren Wood
Kevin Finch       Simon Perez       Nadia Zaffar

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