2017 RTDNA-RIAS Award for International Reporting
The RTDNA-RIAS Award for International Reporting recognizes excellence in reporting by stations, networks, or cable news organizations with a dateline from outside the United States.
The award will go to radio, television or digital journalists who have demonstrated clear and independent reporting which presents material that advances the understanding of international relations. Applications are welcome from all, with no prior relationship to either the RTDNA or RIAS.

Awards will be presented in five categories. 
  1. Local radio
  2. Local TV
  3. National radio – networks, syndication services, program services, an organization that programs to multiple markets.
  4. National TV – networks, syndication services, program services, an organization that programs to multiple markets.
  5. Digital
Awards will be presented to individual entrant(s) and is open to single individuals or teams.
  • Entry must demonstrate original and outstanding coverage of an international issue.
  • Entry can be breaking news in nature, can contain elements of a series, or be part of continuing coverage.
  • Packages must feature reporting from outside of the entrant’s country.
  • Entry must demonstrate keen understanding and clear presentation of a newsworthy international topic.
  • Entry should exhibit a commitment to educating and engaging news consumers.
  • Entry must have appeared on air, or online, within the Americas.
  • Entry can contain a single news story, or be a continuing series.
  • Entry must not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Entry may be edited, in order that commercial or promotional breaks must be removed.
  • Entry must have appeared between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  • Entries must be uploaded to an external site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or hosted via an external URL (your station’s site, for example) that will be provided to RTDNA in the application.
  • A short description of the entry is required.
  • Non-English entries are required to include subtitles and English-translated scripts with their piece.
Entry Fee
$100.00 -- All entries must be paid for at the time of entry submission.
  • Awards will be presented to 5 winners (local radio, local television, national radio, national television, digital)
  • Each winning entry will receive one honorary plaque, with additional plaques available for purchase.
  • Award will be presented to the individual(s) listed on the application.
Contest Dates
Open: Monday, April 3, 2017
Close: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
  • Judges will be evaluating entries based on the below criteria.
  • Depth of reporting
  • How well the audience is connected to the story
  • The clarity of voices and perspectives presented
  • The ability of the reporter/producer to present the story and the information in a thorough and insightful manner
  • To the extent feasible, the originality of the report
  • Overall excellence
Contact Kate McGarrity at katem@rtdna.org or 202-662-7254